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panorama (noun): series of images forming a view, a landscape, an overview on a subject.
Vendôrama is all this, seen from flagship in place Vendôme.

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A new kind of exhibition

Find out how a piece of high jewelry is made, from seeking inspiration in the archives to bringing the final enhancing touches to a collection.
La Monnaie de Paris

160 years of history

Since 1858 Boucheron has embodied excellence in jewelry . The Maison has a bold style, a free spirit and keeps on inventing the classics of tomorrow.

Projecting its vision of High Jewelry

Vendôrama is a celebration of 160 years of history and unique savoir faire with a new take on the jewelry exhibition.

An insider's view of Boucheron

Discover Boucheron in a contemporary and immersive scénography that combines natural environment with digital experience.

Enjoy a sensory and interactive experience

Look, touch and be moved… At Vendôrama you will be able to take part in the jeweler universe.

Innovation as reason for being

Maison Boucheron designs a new kind of jewelry by creating bold wearings with new materials, that mark permanently the history of French jewelry.

One of a kind experience

Vendôrama is a combination of augmented reality, interactive storytelling, contemporary architecture and bespoke scenography that offers you an ultra-modern jewelry experience.

Tribute to the Boucheron workshop

Since 1893, the high jewelry workshop has been located at n°26 of the Place Vendôme. It is home to a rich and unique set of technical skills and expertise, surrounded by mystery.

Discover the know-how of our artisans

Learn about the jeweler's world and discover its secrets as you take part in the workshops and activities along your visit.

A symbolic and historic backdrop

The exhibition will take place in the gardens of the Monnaie de Paris, where a private mansion has been designed by Jules-Hardouin Mansart, the architect of the Place Vendôme. It is the very first time this place is used as a venue after being restored.

Visit an out of time space ?

Breaking with the traditional codes, Vendôrama is going to be held in a temporary architectural structure; its a modern interpretation and a tribute to the Universal Exhibitions.

The Maison


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For 160 years, Boucheron has seduced strong and free spirits with assertive collections such as Quatre, Serpent Bohème and Reflet

The House of a Visionary

The House of a Visionary

Created in 1858 by Frédéric Boucheron, the Maison was built through four generations of direct descendants. As a visionary jeweler, Boucheron has devoted years to creating the classics of tomorrow.

26, place Vendôme. Paris.

26, place Vendôme. Paris.

In 1893, appointments take place in private rooms in mansions but Frédéric Boucheron was forward-thinking and intuitive. He moved his boutique to n°26 and became the first contemporary jeweler of the Place Vendôme.

A forefront vocation

A forefront vocation

Since Boucheron was established, it has been rewarded for its innovative works, such as the question mark necklace. The Maison won several prestigious prices, including the gold medal, at the Universal Exhibitions of 1867 and 1900.

Exquisite high jewelry

Exquisite high jewelry

The Maison's rich archives continue to inspire Boucheron in its will to create the classics of tomorrow.


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The Monnaie de Paris

Boucheron is the first jewelry House to be part of the cultural program of the Monnaie de Paris. Moreover, the Maison has undertaken the restoration of the future Mansart Gardens, the venue chosen for the temporary Vendôrama structure.